Mobile Commerce Growth For Business |

Smart phones have completely revolutionized ecommerce. Due to the changes that have been brought by the gadgets, many people and organizations have come up to research and determine how impactful the gadgets are IMRG research which is one of the research organizations indicates that mobile commerce grew by over 254% between 2010 and 2011. IMRG also states that the mobile commerce grew a further 300% between 2011 and 2012.Another organization, Business insider intelligence, did it research and found that total e-commerce grew by 24% on cyber Monday, thanksgiving and black Friday.Famous shopping stores have also indicated that mobile commerce has greatly grown. For example Tesco indicated that more than a third of its online grocery orders were made using mobile phones.John Lewis, a daily mail retailer also said that three quarters of the site’s traffic came from mobile devices. Marks and Spencer also observed that sales via mobile phones had increased by up to 80%. Shop direct also reported an increase in mobile sales from 28% last year to 43% this year.Looking at the data, it’s evident that many people are using their phones for ecommerce. One of the reasons why many people are using the gadgets is because they are always with them. It’s common to find almost everyone with a mobile phone; however, it’s rare to find someone with a PC or a tablet.Another reason why mobile commerce has greatly increased is due to the fact that shopping on a mobile phone is more convenient than shopping on PC or tablet.Great mobile applications have also contributed to the rise in mobile commerce. For example, Tesco indicated that over 70% of its online orders for fashion and houseware were made using the click and collect application.Such applications have made it easy for the mobile users to access the sites that they are interested in and easily make purchases.Looking at the trend, it’s no doubt that mobile commerce will continue growing and as a result agencies and their clients need to device ways to cater for the fast growing number of mobile users.Of major importance, online store owners need to come up with easy to navigate websites that will make it easy for the mobile online shoppers to make their purchases.There is also great challenge for application makers to come up with powerful and easy to use applications that will make it easy for the online shopper to shop.